Do I Really Need To Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Dental Patient Needing To Get Her Wisdom Teeth Removed

Have you been experiencing swelling, pain, discomfort, or irritation around your gums or teeth? If these symptoms are present specifically around your wisdom teeth, they may need to be removed, and could be a sign of infection. Wisdom teeth are often the last teeth to erupt, typically during the teenage years, and rarely have enough room to grow in properly. Due to this and the upward curvature of the jawbone, they often grow sideways—pushing against healthy teeth—and sometimes failing to erupt fully through the gums. This leads to swelling, infection, pain, misalignment, and sometimes cysts and tumors. Ultimately, these late-erupting teeth can cause a great deal of difficulty and yet you don’t need them to eat or speak normally. This is why, generally, visiting an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for diagnosis and treatment is important prior to the start of these issues. 

Finding an oral surgeon in Flower Mound, TX that can evaluate and determine the best treatment option for you is vital to ensuring your overall oral health is maintained when you experience pain or discomfort due to wisdom teeth. Dr. Aaron Vickers and the talented team at Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in Flower Mound, TX understand this and offer extraction treatment when necessary for wisdom teeth discomfort that is pain and anxiety free. The certified surgeons at the Texas Center are certified to manage any anxiety or discomfort by using advanced anesthesia, including IV sedation. This means a quicker, less traumatic procedure with faster recovery times. The team also numbs the area surrounding the wisdom teeth and makes sure the teeth are in-tact when extracted. You will experience a smooth recovery with the Texas Center team and should expect:

  • Complete recovery within a few days up to a week
  • Full instructions on how to maintain and care for the open sockets left after tooth removal, which will include the formation of a protective clot will form over the empty tooth sockets
  • Careful, safe, and expert guidance (over 10,000 wisdom teeth removed and 1,000 IV sedation cases per year) during the treatment to ensure you are satisfied with your results


Say goodbye to pain!

There is no need to keep experiencing pain or discomfort because of your wisdom teeth. Be sure to call our doctors, Dr. Aaron Vickers and Dr. Tamir Anver, and the amazing team at Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in our office in Flower Mound, TX at our number, (469) 498-2080, today to learn more about being free from this issue and get on track to becoming pain-free by scheduling a consultation!

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