Need To Have A Wisdom Tooth Removal In Fort Worth, TX? Here Is What The Procedure Process Looks Like!

a dental assistant explaining to a patient what their wisdom tooth removal procedure will look like.

Looking to have a wisdom tooth removal in Fort Worth, TX? Getting problematic wisdom teeth removed by a qualified oral surgeon will ensure the smoothest possible outcome. The process for wisdom tooth removals can seem intimidating, but it is actually a predictable and trusted procedure.

With the latest techniques and technologies, patients can get the state-of-the-art wisdom tooth removal procedure of their dreams. For those who need to remove their wisdom teeth, here is what the wisdom tooth removal procedure process will look like.


What The Procedure Process For Wisdom Tooth Removals In Fort Worth, TX Look Like?

In a wisdom tooth removal procedure, the oral surgeon will administer sedation dentistry to the patient and accurately remove their wisdom teeth. Here is a more detailed explanation of what happens during a wisdom tooth removal procedure process:

The Consultation For A Wisdom Tooth Removal

Like any good procedure, the patient will first have a consultation with the skilled oral surgeon to determine specifically how their wisdom teeth will be removed. Some wisdom teeth need to be removed in pieces, while others can be removed as one singular tooth. This all depends on how impacted the wisdom tooth is, or the angle at which the wisdom tooth is growing.

With a consultation, the patients wisdom tooth removal procedure is planned and performed for their specific smile.

The Surgical Procedure For Wisdom Tooth Removals

Before the wisdom tooth removal procedure begins, the patient will be given sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry will give patients an anxiety-free and comfortable wisdom tooth removal experience. The quality oral surgeon will then open up the patients gums and carefully remove their wisdom tooth. In some cases, the wisdom tooth may need to be divided into smaller sections for easier removal.

The Healing Period After Wisdom Tooth Removals

During the wisdom tooth removal healing period, a protective blood clot will form over the empty wisdom tooth sockets. The oral surgeon will also give the patient thorough instructions on how to prevent dry socket from happening. As long as aftercare instructions are followed after wisdom teeth are removed, patients will have a smooth recovery.

Why Should I Go To An Oral Surgeon For A Wisdom Tooth Removal?

An oral surgeon is highly trained and experienced in performing wisdom tooth removals. They have in-depth knowledge of oral and maxillofacial anatomy, ensuring they perform safe and precise removals of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth. With their expertise, an oral surgeon can handle potential wisdom tooth removal complications, such as complex wisdom tooth impactions.


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