Solutions To Treat TMJ Disorder

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Struggling with chronic jaw pain? There are solutions available. Many Americans go throughout their lives with a TMJ disorder without ever seeking treatment. It’s “part of growing older” or just normal pain when really, the pain is telling us there’s a problem.

Luckily, a dentist in Denton, TX has a variety of options to help ease TMJ disorder pain, getting patients back to living and sleeping comfortably!


What Is TMJ?

TMJ is an abbreviation for the temporomandibular joint. This joint is responsible for connecting the jaw to the rest of the skull. This is no small problem that can lead to a variety of problems if it is not treated. From headaches and migraines to tooth pain or even ringing in the ears, all of this can be caused by TMJ disorder.

Sometimes a small amount of jaw pain occasionally is normal. But consistent pain stemming from any part of the jaw could easily be because of a TMJ disorder. Several million Americans are predicted to live with chronic jaw pain with only a handful ever seeking treatment. There are solutions, even non-surgical solutions, for TMJ disorder in Denton, TX that can help ease the pain and restore a patient’s life before jaw pain.

Ways To Alleviate TMJ Disorder Symptoms

There are a variety of options in Denton, TX, depending on the severity, complexity, and level of pain being experienced. One of the key causes of TMJ Disorders is a malalignment of the jaw. This can be corrected with orthodontics. Orthodontics can help realign a patient’s jaw into a position that keeps it from straining the joint.

There are other oral appliances that may be helpful as well. A mouthguard, for example, can keep patients from grinding their teeth at night and keep their jaw nicely aligned. Mouthguards help keep a patient’s bite in place by providing a protective layer between the teeth which, in turn, helps prevent teeth from shifting.

If those non-surgical options do not alleviate the pain or help with the issue, an arthroscopy may be required. Through the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques, the doctor is able to correct the joint which will help alleviate strain on the joint and provide the patient with comfort. While under IV sedation, a few small incisions are made that allow for the doctor to guide a small camera and tools into the mouth and perform an easy jaw correction.


Have Your TMJ Disorder Treated By An Expert

TMJ Disorders are complicated. With a few small missteps, a doctor can end up causing more pain than alleviating. That is why Radiant Dentistry has not one but two doctors who have continued their education, receiving specializations in TMJ treatment. This is the sort of education that goes above and beyond what many oral surgeons do to ensure you the safest and best treatments in all of Texas!

If you want to end jaw pain, get in contact with Dr. Aaron Vickers, Dr. Tamir Anver, and our team in our Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants to schedule an appointment today.  With locations in Flower Mound, Denton, and Frisco Texas, we are able to offer you easy access to our doctors. Do not settle and live with jaw pain, have your TMJ Disorder treated today!

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