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The cost of extensive dental care is sometimes more painful than a toothache!  A recent Consumer Reports survey of 50,000 of it’s readers concluded that the cost of dental procedures and fear of pain during dental treatment were the top two reasons that people avoid the dentist and oral surgeon.

While many people fear dental work, a very small percentage of patients actually ever experience discomfort during a dental procedure.

The report also concluded that people who put off needed dental procedures were far less satisfied with the outcome than people who accepted treatment when it was needed.  The report also found that while many people fear experiencing pain during dental treatment, less than 6% of people actually reported experiencing discomfort during extensive treatments such as a Tooth Extraction.

The primary reason people avoid the dentist is the cost of treatment, especially treatment which is extensive in nature.  Insurance companies are covering less and less needed treatment and employers often do not offer comprehensive dental plans to their employees.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2008 report states that out of pocket expenses for dental care exceeded 22% of all health care related expenses.

Complex dental treatment, especially full mouth restorations and tooth replacement (dental implants) require a great deal of planning, preparation, expensive materials and intricate work, all factors which contribute to the cost of dental treatment.

The Catch 22 situation that arises when needed dental care is postponed or not done at all involves the continued deterioration of dental health, which in turn, results in the need for even more extensive and expensive dental care.

Dr. Weinstein recognizes the challenges that face families and patients regarding the cost of oral surgery procedures.  In an effort to provide the best options for treatment and make oral surgery more accessible and budget friendly, he has teamed up with local dentists in order to reduce the cost of some of the most expensive procedures.

Dental implants are the gold standard for tooth replacement.  In the recent past, patients would often opt to leave a gap where their tooth once was in order to save the cost of replacing it.  Through teaming up with cosmetic and restorative dentists in DFW, Dr. Weinstein has made dental implants affordable and more accessible for his patients.

The complete cost of a dental implant with the crown is now just $2265.  This fee is almost half the traditional cost of a dental implant.  These lower fees are made possible through negotiation and agreement with our lab, vendors and dentists who are all integral to the dental implant process.  This lower fee means big savings for dental patients who might otherwise avoid treatment.

Reducing the cost of dental implants is just one of the ways Texas Wisdom teeth and Dental Implants is working to make dental care more affordable for you and your family.  By providing professional oral surgery and implant dentistry at a great value, Texas Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants is committed to the concerns of our patients.

For more information, and to schedule your initial consultation, Contact Us today.

Dr. Weinstein offers package pricing on full mouth treatment with dental implants at significant savings as well.  Be sure to call today for more information about this great new way to save on the cost of dental implants.

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