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Everybody has an I-Pad.  I know we are behind the times in getting one for use in the office.  The I-Pad has significantly changed the way that we are able to educate our patients on topics such as impacted wisdom teeth or dental implants.  We can even use the I-Pad to simulate cosmetic surgery or treatment results on a patient’s own photographs. Possibly even better than that?  We  can watch our favorite shows at lunch time, too!

Why So Slow to Conform?

An I-Pad is a pretty sophisticated little piece of technology.  We’ve tossed around the idea of how to integrate the use of one in our Dallas dental implants practice.  A lot of negatives surfaced.  What it it breaks?  What if we lose it?  Who will be in charge of an I-Pad in the office? Will it really have anything valuable to offer our patients if we get one?  If we have something cool, like an I-Pad in our office, will re really ever get any work done?  Maybe, maybe not.

Lindsey and Our Office I-Pad

The Big Leap

Well, we decided to take the leap.  You see, we are planning an open house event at the office.  There are plans and preparations taking place.  We were thinking about what we can do a little differently.  “Imagine how easy it will be to take before and after photos”, I said.  “We have a camera for that”, he said.  “There’s a really cool app we can get that demonstrates how dental implants work”.  No response.  “It’s free….”  Still nothing.  “You can take it home in the evenings if you want”.  Those were the magic words.

Now We Have This Cool Gadget

So , now we have this cool gadget which we can use to help us explain all kinds of things to our patients.  Why are impacted teeth a potential problem?  What happens if you leave a toothless space alone for too long?  How does a dental implant work, anyway?  These are all things we can walk through with our patients with the most incredible visual aid possible.  The point is, we have made the leap into the Apple-verse and now our patient education resources are limitless!  Yay! The next time you come in to see us, ask us and we’ll show you what this baby can do!

Until We See You For a Personal Demonstration of Our Cool Gadget…

We put together a little video which shows the dental implant transformation, step by step.  Enjoy!

3 Step Dental Implant: Your New Tooth a 30 second video

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