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Dentist explaining IV sedation to patientWhether you are opting for dental implants, having an impacted wisdom tooth removed, or receiving treatment for issues with your jaw, IV sedation is a crucial part of the oral surgery process. Not only does it safely allow your surgeon to complete the procedure, but it also can ease anxiety and help you feel more comfortable during your visit. However, if specific instructions are not followed both before and after, then you may experience negative side effects (like vomiting). Therefore, an oral surgeon is sharing what to do before your IV sedation in Dallas, as well as steps to take after your surgery.

5 Rules to Follow Before Your IV Sedation

Undergoing an oral procedure can be anxiety-inducing, especially if it is your first time. Although it can be tempting to dismiss the preparation instructions to avoid thinking about the procedure, it is of the utmost importance that they are followed thoroughly to ensure you have a pleasant, stress-free experience. Therefore, make sure to strictly follow the below five rules:

After Your Oral Surgery

After your oral surgeon has completed your procedure, you may feel groggy or loopy. However, the hours and days following your procedure are vital in your healing process and the long-term success of your surgery. Therefore, make sure to:

The results of oral surgery can be life-changing for patients with issues from missing teeth to dental pain. To ensure you have a seamless recovery and long-lasting results, make sure to follow the above instructions both before and after your procedure!

About the Author

Dr. Cameron Wendling achieved his undergraduate degree from West Virginia University before attending dental school to be an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. For the past nearly 10 years, Dr. Wendling has used his love of building relationships and passion for dentistry to improve his patients’ oral health and wellbeing. If you would like additional information on undergoing anesthesia in Dallas, visit his website or give him a call at 972-960-1111.

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