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Reclaim Your Life After Tooth Loss

If you’re living with missing teeth, you’re living a life of constant compromise. You’re self-conscious when you speak or smile. Your diet is restricted, as eating certain types of food causes you discomfort. But there are ways to reclaim your complete smile, your self-confidence, and a more satisfying quality of life. 

Made of durable and lasting materials, dental implants are artificial replacement teeth that look completely natural and never develop problems such as cavities and root canal infections. They’re the next-best thing to having your original, healthy teeth back

The Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants is your premier provider of dental implants in Flower Mound, Denton, and Frisco, TX. Even better, we can custom create your new teeth right in our fully digital, in-house lab.

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What Makes Our Implants Different

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Dental Implant Treatments


Single Dental Implants and Immediate Options

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Single Dental Implants and Immediate Options

Today’s gold standard in tooth replacement, dental implants are comprised of just three parts. The actual implant itself is a strong, screw-like device that we insert into your jawbone to take the place of your missing tooth root. We then attach a dental crown or bridge, restoring both the appearance and function of your natural teeth. Chosen to match the shade of your surrounding healthy teeth, a restoration can make it appear as if you never lost a tooth in the first place. An abutment acts as a connector between the implant and restoration. Even a single dental implant can significantly improve your life.

While you receive final restorations from your restorative dentist after your implant sites have healed—three or more months after surgery—we don’t send you away from here with missing teeth. We offer immediate-load solutions in which we restore your newly placed dental implants with temporary crowns or bridges during the same appointment. That way you can enjoy a greater variety of foods and normal dental functioning throughout the healing process. If you’ve been missing teeth for some time, you’ll appreciate that immediate restorations offer a quick return to normalcy!

Full Mouth Dental Implants

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Full Mouth Dental Implants

If you’ve lost all of your teeth or your only remaining teeth are unsalvageable, you may believe that there’s no hope that you’ll ever have a healthy or happy smile ever again. You may think that you’ve eaten your last chewy or hard foods—possibly some of your favorite dishes. But the truth is that with dental technology—and the skill of our oral surgeons—you can have a complete, healthy, happy smile again. We can give you a fully functional, attractive new set of teeth by placing as few as four dental implants per arch in your jaw.

With your full mouth dental implants in place, you can begin enjoying all kinds of food again, including those favorites you’ve been missing. You can actually form words clearly and properly. You can do everything you used to before your smile succumbed to decay and you may even feel more self-confident than you ever have.

Bone Grafting

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Bone Grafting

Your teeth are attached to your jawbone. When you lose teeth, either due to decay or trauma, your jawbone can begin to recede since there are no tooth roots to keep it stimulated. As the deterioration continues, you lose normal dental function and your face can begin to take on a sunken, aged or unhealthy-looking appearance. While dental implants can replace those missing teeth, you may not have enough bone mass to support them.

Bone grafting is a way to regain your full jawbone volume and strength and become a candidate for dental implants. Our team can transplant a small portion of bone from another part of your body to the recessed area or use bone taken from either a human or bovine donor, or from a synthetic source. We access the decaying bone by making a small opening in your gum tissue and then place the supplemental bone into it. We finish by suturing the gum tissue together and giving the surgical site time to heal before placing your dental implants.

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Am I a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Most of our patients come to us already eligible for dental implants. Some need a few preparatory treatments such as bone grafting (explained above) or tooth extractions to make space for the implants. We can provide these at our office, often during the same visit as the placement procedure. 

Because we’re oral and maxillofacial surgeons with the ability to perform complex treatments—severe bone loss cases, zygomatic implants, and more—we can serve a greater number of patients. In fact, we’re the practice many patients turn to for dental implants when they’ve been turned down elsewhere.

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Why Choose Us? 3,000+ Dental Implant Placements to Start

Our surgical team has completed more than 3,000 dental implants—and counting. But more important than the number is our focus on executing your customized implant surgery at the highest possible level, all while prioritizing your safety and comfort. 

We’ve undergone 6 additional years of advanced specialized training after dental school, earned our medical degrees (M.D.) in addition to our dental degrees (D.D.S), and are Diplomates of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 

Our extensive training, emphasis on continued education in minimally invasive techniques, and our expertise in anesthesia and technology, make us the premier option for dental implant surgery. 

Not only are we a privately-owned practice and local residents within the community, but we also stand behind our work with a clinical guarantee. Who better to entrust your smile to than a proven expert?

The Cost of Dental Implants

Many factors go into determining your dental implant treatment cost. There is the number of dental implants and the quality of the materials. We may place as few as four implants per arch for full mouth dental implants, but we may place more if you have many individual teeth missing from different areas of your mouth. Our practice uses top-quality implants from renowned manufacturers like Nobel Biocare™ and Straumann®. We also feature a fully digital, in-house lab.

Preparatory treatments and related services also figure into your total cost. Do you need bone grafting or tooth extractions before implant placement? Anesthesia is another factor. However, since our team is certified to administer IV sedation, though there is a cost for that service, there’s no need for the expense of an outside anesthesiologist. IV sedation will keep you relaxed and pain-free for the duration of your procedure. 

Our team will be happy to discuss the costs that will be associated with your specific dental implant treatment along with the third-party financing companies we partner with following a consultation and comprehensive dental exam. From there we can establish your customized treatment plan.

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