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All-In-One Smile Solution

With Expert Oral Surgeons And In-House Lab Technicians, We're Proud To Offer Our Revolutionary Tooth Replacement Option, The All-In-One Smile Solution!

Dr Vickers Showing A Dental Patient Dental Implants

Are You A Candidate For An All-In-One Smile?

Full Mouth Dental Implants

What is sometimes called as “All-On-4®” dental implants, full mouth dental implants, or denture implants, we offer our state-of-the-art implant protocol All-In-One Smile Solution

Using advanced digital imaging, cutting-edge surgical techniques and featuring a fully digital lab, we can fully replace your upper or lower arches of teeth on a strong foundation of as few as four dental implants.

This allows you to say goodbye to poorly fitting conventional dentures and welcome a new, full set of permanent teeth.

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The All-In-One Smile Experience

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The All-In-One Smile Solution Advantage

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All-In-One Smile Solution

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We work with 100’s of dental offices in the Fort Worth Dallas area. If you have a preferred provider, we would love to work with them to help deliver you the best smile possible!

All-In-One Smile Full Arch Solutions: Co-Founder Dr. Vickers Discusses Your Options

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Co-Founder Dr. Anver Discusses If Dental Implants Are Right For You

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Your All-In-One Smile Solutions

When it comes to Dental Implants in the Fort Worth – Dallas area, there is no such thing as a “One Size Fits All” approach. With our All-In-One Smile Solutions, we have many different dental implant restoration options for any situation.

3 Single Dental Implants Together In A Gumline
3 Single Dental Implants Together In A Gumline
3 Single Dental Implants Together In A Gumline

The Three Phases Of Your All-In-One Smile

Dr Vickers Showing A Dental Patient Dental Implants

Phase 1: Consultation, Exam, And Planning

The first phase of your treatment is where we do a full consultation, get detailed records, and fully assess your current health. We also capture digital images, pictures, and impressions of your gums, bone density, and remaining teeth to aid us in the development of your treatment plan. 

X-Guide™ software provides us with a roadmap to place your implants with extreme precision. Using cone beam CT imaging technology and implant planning software, we can create a virtual 3D model of your mouth before the implant procedure. We then use this to fabricate custom surgical guides in-house with our 3D printer. 

When we’re performing the placement, the guide identifies the exact position and angle of each dental implant, enabling us to deliver highly predictable results. With planning complete, we’ll schedule your procedure for the next visit.

Phase 2: Implant Placement And Temporary Restoration

In the second phase of the procedure, our team will complete the surgical placement of four or more dental implants and attach custom 3d printed temporary teeth in our fully equipped surgical suite. 

We begin the process by making you comfortable with anesthesia options. Among our services, we offer IV sedation, which essentially allows you to sleep through your treatment. We can then complete any tooth extractions you need to remove untreatable teeth and make room for your implants.

We finish off the placement process by attaching temporary restorations to your implants the same day. You should be able to have a soft meal by dinnertime and will soon be able to enjoy normal meals while your implant sites heal!

Dental Implant Patient Sherie Holding Up A Before And After Image Of Her All-In-One Smile Full Mouth Restoration

Phase 3: Final Restorations And Full Smile

After implant placement, healing can take three months or more. During that time, your implants will permanently fuse with the jawbone. We will have constant post-op appointments and communication to monitor how your new smile is healing and make adjustments to both your current implants and the future final restoration.

After the healing process, you’ll come back into our office. During your appointment we will detach your temporary 3d printed restoration and replace it with your permanent All-In-One Smile!

Once our collective work is done, you’ll be able to eat, speak, and smile with full confidence and without any limitations. After living with so many missing or unhealthy teeth, think about how that will feel!

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How We Make Your New All-In-One Smile Affordable

We’ve seen the impact of our full mouth dental implants on our patients’ smiles and their lives. A balanced diet, improved speech, and the confidence to live life completely. 

We want to make receiving this transformative solution as easy and efficient as possible. That’s why we invest in high-quality materials and advanced trainings. It’s also why we do whatever we can to make your treatment meet your health needs as well as your financial ones.

Our goal is to eliminate all obstacles between you and normal, comfortable functioning with full mouth dental implants. 

For this reason, we’ve partnered with a few of the leading third-party financing companies in the country to help you pay for your treatment. Regardless of what your credit status might be, you may be able to qualify for accommodating payment plans with reasonable monthly terms. 

Contact our team of implant specialists today and see how we can get you an All-In-One Smile today!

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