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No Pain, No Anxiety

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Sleep Right Through Your Treatment

Many patients with dental anxiety don’t want to feel or even see dental instruments when undergoing treatment. We understand this and want to assure you that you’ll feel completely comfortable here. We’ve helped countless patients overcome their fears with IV sedation in Flower Mound and Denton, TX. This powerful sedation method allows you to essentially sleep through procedures. Between this and our extensive qualifications, you know you’re going to have a smooth treatment experience with the best of care at the Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants.

As board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons and medical doctors on staff at Medical City Lewisville and Texas Health Surgery Center Denton, we’re trained and certified to administer IV sedation. In addition, our surgical assistants are certified by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons as anesthesia assistants, having completed the rigorous Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Exam (DAANCE) process. You can also rest assured our surgical suites have been furnished with the latest technological, surgical, and sterilization equipment, enhancing your quality of care. You have nothing to fear and everything to gain!

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Advantages of IV Sedation

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What IV Sedation Is Like

Typically used for procedures such as wisdom tooth removal, full mouth dental implants, and bone grafting, IV sedation offers distinct advantages. As the name suggests, IV sedation is introduced into your system through an IV line. This enables us to strictly control the amount of sedative you receive. After you’re fully relaxed, we can stop the flow of medication and begin your treatment. Afterward, you can come back to consciousness quickly.

Once administered, IV sedation produces a sleep-like state very quickly. Under its effects, you won’t have any awareness of your treatment nor will you experience pain or other sensations. You also won’t remember anything about it when your procedure is done. Unlike natural sleep, you won’t dream, and your treatment time may seem to pass almost instantaneously. Almost as if it never happened. All patients, dental anxiety or not, can appreciate that advantage!

Expect Comfortable Care Here!

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