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Chronic Jaw Pain? The Solution Is Here

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End Your Discomfort with Expert-Based Surgery

Jaw misalignment—whether genetic or the result of trauma—can cause a variety of problems that interfere with comfortable, normal daily functioning. Everything from breathing to eating to sleeping is impacted by your jaw health. Corrective jaw surgery, also known as orthognathic surgery, is often the solution. The Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants team performs corrective jaw surgery to remedy a broad range of skeletal and dental irregularities related to the misalignment of teeth and jaws. We’re the acknowledged experts for jaw surgery in Flower Mound and Denton, TX.

As board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons we’ve undergone years of advanced, specialized training in correcting all jaw-related issues through surgery and other treatments. We’re also medical doctors, which empowers us to treat even the most complex, medically compromised patients. In addition, we’re on staff at Medical City Lewisville and Texas Health Surgery Center Denton and can use their facilities for more advanced surgical procedures when needed. When it comes to treating jaw misalignment, there’s no better qualified team in the area.

Jaw Surgery’s Transformative Benefits

Through corrective jaw surgery, we can improve daily activities such as chewing, breathing, and speaking. We can help you manage serious TMJ problems and sleep apnea. Improved digestion, more restful sleep, and lasting relief from chronic jaw pain are all possible. Although corrective jaw surgery is primarily used to improve the functional problems associated with a misaligned jaw, the surgery can also result in the dramatic improvement of your facial appearance.

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Life After Surgery

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Before Jaw Surgery

Our team works together with your general dentist and your orthodontist to determine if corrective jaw surgery is right for you. Your treatment is likely to include braces and the entire process will require a long-term commitment. We perform the surgical portion of your care, however, whenever possible we use minimally invasive surgical techniques. We may recommend an arthroscopy before determining if jaw surgery is your solution. An arthroscopy involves making small incisions that allow us to use a miniature camera and instruments to diagnose and correct jaw joint issues. If this treatment doesn’t resolve your issues, we’ll schedule a return visit for corrective jaw surgery and review exactly what you can expect from this treatment.

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What to Expect During Your Surgery

  • Your surgery will be performed in a hospital setting. Prior to that day, your surgeons will complete thorough and detailed surgical planning using the latest technology available to ensure that both your surgery and recovery are as smooth as possible. This also ensures we offer you precise treatment with more predictable results. Upon completion of the surgery, most patients spend one night in the hospital. This is to restore balance to your bite and proper oral function. As an esthetic benefit, your jawline and smile may change offering a boost in your self-confidence. You’ll return home with detailed instructions on how to recover and shorting your healing time. After a few weeks, you’ll begin to notice the truly transformative effect corrective jaw surgery can have on your oral health, overall health, and daily life!

Improve Oral Function, Improve Your Life!

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