Does An In-House Lab Help Give Me A Quality Dental Implant Treatment?

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When people go to a skilled oral surgeon, they get treated in an in-house lab for quality dental implants in Denton, TX. With a fully equipped in-house lab, patients are able to get treated with the latest advanced technologies. By getting treated with various advanced technologies, patients can have long-lasting and functional new smiles. Continue reading to learn about how an in-house lab gives patients quality dental implant treatments.


How Does An In-House Lab Give Me Quality Dental Implants In Denton, TX?

An experienced oral surgeon uses a variety of advanced technologies to help them plan a patient’s dental implants, place them, and make them a customized prosthesis. In their in-house lab, they are fully equipped to be able to craft patients a functional and natural looking new smile. Here are the types of advanced technologies the oral surgeon can use in the in-house lab, to give patients the smile of their dreams with dental implants.

Types Of Advanced Technologies That Plan Dental Implant Placements:

When it comes to the planning process of a patients customized dental implant procedure, a knowledgeable oral surgeon has a variety of advanced technologies they can use in their in-house lab to accurately plan the patient’s new smile. The Itero and Medit scanners give the oral surgeon precise digital impressions that aren’t messy and are highly accurate.

Combining these technologies with the iCat 3D Scanner gives the oral surgeon the best understanding of the patients mouths so they are able to give them a beautiful new smile they can use confidently and comfortably.

Types Of Advanced Technologies To Place Dental Implants:

A caring oral surgeon makes the dental implant placement process as efficient and effective a procedure experience as possible. That is why they have a variety of advanced technologies they can use to assist them in accurately placing the dental implants. The Xnav technology, for example, helps the oral surgeon place the dental implants in the patients jawbone with 100% accuracy. This leading technology gives patients a minimally invasive dental implant surgery.

Types Of Advanced Technologies To Craft Dental Implants:

A fully equipped in-house lab also has advanced technologies the oral surgeon can use to precisely craft each patient’s dental implant prosthesis. The PIC camera, for example, will strategically map where the patient’s dental implants will be placed so the oral surgeon can craft the best fitting dental implant prosthesis possible.

This is paired with the Asiga Max 3D printer technology that will allow the oral surgeon to create the prosthesis on-site, so the patient gets the exact and lasting new smile they need and want.


Go To Our Office So We Can Give You Lasting Dental Implants In Denton, TX

When you want to get an accurate, long-lasting, and beautiful new smile, you should come to our cutting-edge office. Our experienced oral surgeon has an in-house lab that is fully equipped with advanced technologies that will give patients efficient and effective dental implant procedures all in one office.  In order to get the customized new smile of your dreams with dental implants from our in-house lab, you should come to our office for a consultation. So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with our doctors, Aaron Vickers, DDS, MD and Tamir D. Anver, DDS, MD, and our quality team at our Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants to schedule your consultation today!

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