Why Should I Choose Full Mouth Dental Implants In Denton, TX Over Traditional Dentures?

an image of full mouth dental implants.

Currently dealing with unreliable and unstable traditional dentures. When people have a full mouth of missing teeth, they should upgrade their smile from traditional dentures to full mouth dental implants in Denton, TX. Unlike traditional dentures, full mouth dental implants use dental implants to securely hold a prosthesis in place in the patient’s mouth. Here is more information on why people should choose full mouth dental implants over traditional dentures.

Why You Should Choose Full Mouth Dental Implants Over Traditional Dentures

While traditional dentures can give people with missing teeth an efficient new smile, they don’t give them a reliable or stable one. This is because traditional dentures have been made to merely sit on the patient’s gums. When the jawbone is not getting stimulated by natural tooth roots after tooth loss, it will lose density and volume over time. This loss in jawbone density and volume will take away the beauty, functionality, and health of the persons smile.

This is why people with a full arch of missing teeth should choose full mouth dental implants over traditional dentures. Full mouth dental implants in Denton, FL use four or more dental implants to stabilize a prosthesis in place.

After the consultation, where the patients customized full mouth dental implant procedure has been planned out, the oral surgeon can use advanced technology to accurately angle and securely place the dental implants in the patient’s jawbone.

Sedation dentistry can be administered to the patient as well so they can have a comfortable and anxiety-free full mouth dental implant procedure experience. Because the dental implants are strategically placed in the patients jaw where they have enough bone density to support them, a bone grafting procedure will not be needed.

After the dental implants have been securely placed, the patient can go to a trusted dentist to get a temporary prosthesis placed on them. When the patient’s mouth has healed, the patient can go back to the dentist to get their temporary prosthesis replaced with a final prosthesis. By replacing missing teeth with full mouth dental implants, patients get a reliable, stable, and predictable new smile.


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When you come to our caring and knowledgeable office, you can learn why full mouth dental implants are the preferred restorative full arch tooth replacement option over traditional dentures.

Don’t hesitate on coming to us to learn more about how full mouth dental implants can give you the smile of your dreams. Get in contact with Dr. Aaron Vickers, Dr. Tamir D. Anver, Dr. Li Hsing Loh, and our exceptional team at our Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants office to schedule an appointment today!

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