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Got wisdom teeth?

healthy smiling familyMost teenagers and young adults experience the arrival of the third molars, or wisdom teeth, between the ages of 14 and 25.  While not all wisdom teeth must be removed, those which are causing problems or likely to cause problems are often recommended for extraction.  Some of the most common reasons for extraction of wisdom teeth are:



Your dentist or orthodontist may recommend evaluation of the wisdom teeth by an oral surgeon in order to determine if they must be removed.  Because the “age of wisdom” falls during the school ages, it is common for dental patients to have the oral surgery evaluation and any needed treatment performed during the summer, when it is less likely to interfere with school or sports.  It is important to consider treatment of symptomatic or pathologic wisdom teeth when it is recommended, and plan for the treatment on a timeline that works best with your schedule.

What To Expect With Wisdom Tooth Surgery

Wisdom teeth removal is considered minor surgery, and should be planned for taking into consideration all preparations and accommodations necessary in order to make the experience as smooth and comfortable as possible.

The Cost of Wisdom Teeth Surgery

One big concern for patients who have had wisdom tooth removal recommended to them is the cost of surgery.  While all patients want to do the best thing to help keep their mouth healthy, financial concerns do have an influence on the decision to proceed with needed treatment.  Your Dallas oral surgeons at Texas Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants know that the cost of oral surgery can be hard on a family.  That is why every effort is made to utilize resources that can help with the cost of wisdom teeth removal.

For more information on wisdom teeth symptoms and problems, click here.  If you need to schedule a consultation, or want information about your dental insurance coverage, give us a call at 972-960-1111.

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