Getting Your Wisdom Teeth Out In Flower Mound, TX!

Dental Patient In Pain Due To Wisdom Teeth That Need To Be Extracted Near Him In Flower Mound, TX

Did you know that impacted wisdom teeth can lead to extreme discomfort, swelling, infection, and or irritation around your gums or teeth? If these symptoms persist, specifically around your wisdom teeth, they may need to be removed, as these symptoms may be the result of an infection.

Wisdom teeth are often the last teeth to break through the gums, typically during the teenage years, and rarely have enough room to grow in properly. As such, and the upward curvature of the jawbone, they often grow sideways—pushing against healthy teeth—and sometimes failing to erupt fully through the gums. This leads the to the aforementioned symptoms, along with tooth misalignment, and sometimes cysts and tumors.

Overall, these teeth can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort since they arrive later on in life, and can impact your daily activities, including eating and speaking. This is why is it vital to visit an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for diagnosis and treatment in Flower Mound, TX to get ahead of these symptoms should you start to notice them.

What Can Be Done About Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

There is no denying that dealing with the pain and discomfort of impacted wisdom teeth is certainly life-altering. However, fortunately, there are several options to remedy this issue should it occur. Visiting a skilled surgeon is of the utmost importance to ensure symptoms of impacted teeth are remedied and a healthy smile and oral environment is achieved.

Dr. Aaron VickersDr. Tamir Anver, and the skilled team at the Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants have extracted thousands of impacted wisdom teeth near you with expert precision in Flower Mound, TX.

Drs. Vickers, Anver and their team understand the importance of receiving care in a relaxed and comfortable environment, which is why they offer advanced sedation procedures, including IV sedation, that will help ease any anxiety, and lead to a faster, less traumatic procedure and quicker recovery.

You will be able to be free from the discomfort of impacted wisdom teeth in a pain and apprehension free environment! Additionally, Drs. Vickers and Anver numb the treatment area to give you extra assurance that this will be a pain-free experience during and after the procedure.

Following the procedure, Texas Center will provide you with instructions to avoid “dry socket,” a painful complication that can occur after wisdom teeth are removed. Then, after a few days, you will be fully able to use your teeth and gums again in a normal daily way!

Drs. Vickers, Anver and their team have removed over 10,000 wisdom teeth successfully and have performed over 1,000 sedation procedures. This team is highly qualified to provide you with the care you need.

Are You Looking For An Oral Surgeon To Extract Your Wisdom Teeth In Flower Mound, TX?

Be free from the pain of impacted wisdom teeth today! Schedule your consultation with our doctors, Aaron Vickers, DDS, MD and Tamir D. Anver, DDS, MD, in our offices by Flower Mound, TX and Denton, TX today!

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