How Do Problematic Wisdom Teeth Occur In Frisco, TX?

an impacted wisdom tooth exray and totoh model.

Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to erupt in a patient’s mouth. If people’s wisdom teeth begin to cause them pain, or are swollen and infected, then people may want to learn why. By going to a skilled and knowledgeable oral surgeon that they trust, people can learn why they have problematic wisdom teeth in Frisco, TX. In order to find out why people have problematic wisdom teeth, continue reading.


Why Do I Have Problematic Wisdom Teeth In Frisco, TX?

Because wisdom teeth are no longer a necessary part of people’s mouths like they used to be, the mouth no longer has enough room for them. While some people have no problems when their wisdom teeth erupt, others experience problems with their teeth coming in at problematic angels. When wisdom teeth come in at angels, or fail to erupt through the gums at all, they can push against the patients surrounding teeth.

This leads to a variety of other oral issues, like crowded teeth. When people have problematic wisdom teeth, it can cause them to experience swelling, infection, pain, misalignment, and sometimes even cysts and tumors.


Can I Get My Problematic Wisdom Teeth Removed?

The easiest way for patients to solve their issues caused by problematic wisdom tooth in Frisco, TX, is for them to get their wisdom teeth removed. Because they pose a serious risk to peoples oral and overall health, wisdom teeth removals should be done as soon as possible.

People should go to a quality oral surgeon for their wisdom tooth removals. Before their wisdom teeth are even extracted, the oral surgeon will take x-rays of the patients mouth to understand the complexities of their smile and how to best remove their wisdom teeth. From there, the oral surgeon can work on getting the patient ready for their wisdom tooth removal.

Patients can get treated with sedation dentistry so they can have a painless and anxiety-free oral surgery. Once the problematic wisdom teeth are accurately removed, patients will have a comfortable and healthy smile again.


Come To Our Office For Your Wisdom Tooth Removals

At our state-of-the-art office, our oral surgeon is equipped with the latest techniques and technologies to remove your wisdom teeth efficiently and effectively. Don’t wait to get your problematic wisdom teeth removed. You should come to our office for a consultation so we can plan out your wisdom tooth removal so you can have the best procedure results.

Get in contact with Dr. Aaron Vickers and our extraordinary team at our Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants office to schedule an appointment today! Our compassionate office can help you get the pain-free smile you need and deserve.

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