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Your dentist has recommended that you have your wisdom teeth removed, and you are likely nervous about having oral surgery.  You are not alone!  Most people have some very valid concerns about having wisdom teeth surgery, and at the top of the list is often the cost of oral surgery.

Don’t Panic About Oral Surgery

The cost of any surgery is a reason for concern.  The first thing to do when planning your procedure is a little research.  Online research is probably what has led you to this article, so good for you!  Information on surgery prices can be a little hard to find online.  At the Dallas oral surgery offices of Texas Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we post the fees for some of our most popular procedures right on our website in order to make it easy for you to plan for the cost of surgery.  To compare prices on wisdom teeth extraction in Texas, you can conduct a search using this tool: Cost estimates vary widely, but the average cost Nationwide is about $1650-$2300.  At Texas Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, patients can receive a package fee of $1185, which includes exam, xrays, surgical removal of up to 4 wisdom teeth and IV General Anesthesia.  This special price is available all summer long and is available to patients who are not utilizing insurance benefits.

Maximize Your Dental Coverage To Save On Oral Surgery

If you have dental coverage, make sure you understand your plan and utilize the benefits to maximize your coverage.  Use an “In-Network” provider to receive special discounts on fees.  Make sure you have not depleted your annual benefit before having surgery.  Most dental plans will cap the amount they will pay on your behalf in a calendar year.  If you are not sure about how your plan works, talk to your HR representative before moving forward with surgery.  To learn more about how to maximize dental insurance for wisdom teeth removal, read this special report.

Consider Your Financing Options For Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Many dental offices and oral surgeons offer special financing options for patients in order to help spread the cost of oral surgery out over time.  Many financing plans offer low or no-interest plans.  At Texas Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we offer no interest payment plans for 6 months on wisdom teeth removal.  For more information on payment plans for oral surgery, click here.

Consider Traveling To A Lower Cost Area To Save On Wisdom Teeth Removal

Fees for services such as wisdom teeth extraction vary depending on geographical areas.  If you live in an area where healthcare costs are high, consider traveling to a surgeon in a lower cost area.  Patients across Texas travel to Dallas to save money on wisdom teeth removal.  We see patients from Waco, Sherman, Midland and even as far away as Austin.  You might find that the cost of driving to Dallas and spending a night in a hotel is worthwhile if your savings is several hundred dollars or more.  If you are traveling to Dallas for wisdom teeth removal, our helpful team can assist you in finding accommodations near our office. With a little research and planning, you can save money on the cost of wisdom teeth extraction.  The team at Texas Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants in Dallas can help.  Give us a call today to schedule your consultation appointment.

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