I Have Chronic Jaw Pain, What Could It Be?

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Do you deal with jaw pain all day and all night? Are you unable to get enough rest or eat or even smile like you used to because of pain in your jaw? Did you know that misalignment of the jaw, be it from trauma or genetics, can cause an interference with simple daily functions? Your jaw health can impact daily activities such as sleeping, eating, and even breathing. The solution to resolve this issue is orthognathic or corrective jaw surgery. A dentist can help you decide whether this surgery is the best option for you with the symptoms that you have and have you smiling like you once were in no time. 


How Does Jaw Surgery Work?

A series of providers, from an orthodontist along with a general dentist, work together to determine if this surgery is the best surgery for you. You might have to dedicate to braces and commit long term. The surgery will take place in a hospital setting with anesthesiologists on hand. A complete and thorough surgical planning will be done by your surgeons on the day before the surgery takes places to make sure that the surgery and recovery is smooth sailing. Most patients spend at least one night at the hospital after the surgery is completed. With overnight observation, the team will ensure you have correct oral function and restored balance to your bite. This will give you a boost in confidence. Tips on how to recover and minimize your healing time will be giving to you once you are discharged from the hospital.

What To Expect after Jaw Surgery:

  • Improved chewing and biting
  • Swallowing easier
  • No more headaches of pain from TMJ
  • Less swear and stress on teeth
  • Proper alignment of teeth
  • More symmetrical facial profile of the side and front
  • Correction of small and large chin and jaw
  • Reduction of sleep apnea, loud snoring and breathing from the mouth
  • Open bite, crossbite, overbite, and underbite correction

What Jaw Surgery Expertise Looks Like:

Dr. Aaron Vickers, Dr. Tamir D. Anver, and their talented team at Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants are thrilled to assist you with relieving the constant pain that you have in your jaw so that you are smiling once again. Dr Vickers and Dr. Anver and their team uses the latest and most updated software and technology, to conduct a thorough examination, to get to the root cause of your jaw pain and to recommend the best course of action to take to fix the ongoing jaw pain.


Get Started Today!

If you are interested in regaining that beautiful smile of yours and have relief from constant jaw pain by the use of advanced technology, be sure to set your appointment with our doctors, Dr. Aaron Vickers and Dr. Tamir Anver, and their amazing team! Please call (972) 436-1513 for our Flower Mound office or (940) 387-7717 for our Denton office today to schedule your consultation!

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