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implant denture picturesDental implants are the most requested dental procedure today. They are  highly successful and versatile. At Texas Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants, we talk to people every day about restoring missing teeth with dental implants. Fixed implant dentures could be the solution you are looking for.  Implant dentures are comfortable, permanent and affordable with monthly payments to suit your budget.

Implant Dentures Change Lives

One of the best things about restoring people’s dental health with implants is seeing their lives changed for the better through the treatment. We have heard a lot of personal stories from patients who have struggled with poor dental health or missing teeth for most of their lives. Some stories are very emotional, and hearing them really gives emphasis to the good we can do through this treatment.

The Challenges of Missing Teeth

When you do not have healthy teeth, the repercussions extend far beyond looks. Missing teeth have an impact on every part of life. Self-confidence suffers greatly and can hold people back from achieving their goals and desires. Maintaining a healthy diet can be impossible with missing teeth or an ill-fitting denture. So much of our lives are centered around sharing meals with family and friends, enjoying holidays together around a dinner table. When your dental health is poor, these simple pleasures become high stress.

No More Patchwork Dentistry

Some of our patients come to us, having done patchwork dentistry for many years. Individual teeth are removed as they break down, crowns turn into root canals and dental bridges. Later, the bridges fail and a partial denture is made. It becomes a vicious cycle, and can be emotionally defeating and tiresome. For many people, stopping the cycle, and investing in the All on 4 implant denture procedure is a game changer.

All on 4 Implant Denture

The All on 4 dental implant technique is completed in a single day. The damaged natural teeth are removed, dental implants placed, and a fixed prosthesis is installed in one sitting.  Our patients sleep comfortably through the entire procedure. Patients literally come into the office with their damaged teeth and leave with a brand new set of beautiful teeth attached to dental implants. This permanent, fixed solution is ideal for patients who want to restore their dental health as closely as possible to that of their natural teeth.

Take Control of Your Dental Health

If you can relate to any part of this article, you owe it to yourself to find out if dental implants can improve your quality of life. Your consultation and initial x-ray are free when you redeem this special offer. Find out if you are a candidate, get information on the cost of treatment and how YOU can afford to take back your dental health and function.

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