In What Ways Can Wisdom Teeth Be Removed During Wisdom Tooth Removals In Dallas, TX?

Dental Patient Suffering From Wisdom Teeth
By going to a skilled and trusted oral surgeon’s office, people can have a quality wisdom tooth removal in Dallas, TX. When administered sedation dentistry, people will have a comfortable and anxiety-free wisdom tooth removal experience. Since everyone’s smile is unique, there are different ways wisdom teeth can be removed. Curious to learn about the specific ways in which wisdom teeth can be removed? Here are the ways wisdom teeth can be removed during a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

The Ways Wisdom Teeth Are Removed During Wisdom Tooth Removals In Dallas, TX

Here are two primary ways in which wisdom teeth can be removed. The following explains in more detail about the two primary ways wisdom teeth are removed during a wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Extracting Fully Intact Wisdom Teeth:

When wisdom teeth have erupted and are fully accessible, a simple wisdom tooth removal, where the whole wisdom tooth is removed in one go, is typically performed. During a simple wisdom tooth removal, the oral surgeon will make a small incision in the patient’s gum tissue where their wisdom tooth is covered. Next, using dental instruments, the wisdom tooth is gently loosened and then extracted, fully intact. Once the fully intact wisdom tooth is removed, the incision is stitched up so that the patient properly heals. The patient can then be given proper aftercare instructions so that they have a smooth and unproblematic wisdom tooth removal recovery.

Extracting Wisdom Teeth In Sections:

Impacted wisdom teeth, which are unable to fully emerge from the jawbone or gum tissue, may require to be removed in sections during the wisdom tooth removal surgical procedure. The oral surgeon will carefully remove the impacted wisdom tooth in smaller sections so the patient can have a smoother surgical experience. Images will be taken of the patient’s problematic wisdom teeth so that the oral surgeon can plan how exactly they will remove it in sections. Next, using specialized dental instruments, the impacted wisdom tooth is carefully divided into sections. This allows the oral surgeon to easily remove each piece of the impacted wisdom tooth or teeth. Finally, similar to simple wisdom tooth removals, the incisions are closed with stitches, and patients are given post-operative care instructions to promote better healing and minimize the risk of them having complications. The choice between having simple and sectional wisdom tooth removals depends on the unique characteristics of the wisdom teeth and the overall oral health of the patient. The experienced oral surgeon will assess each patient’s case individually, considering factors such as the wisdom tooth’s position, angle of eruption, and the potential impact it has on the patient’s surrounding teeth.

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