Is It Painful To Get Your Teeth Extracted In Flower Mound, TX?

a dentist adjusting a dental sedation IV bag during surgery

The fear of pain is real and serious. Pain is the cause of many people’s dental anxieties and a serious turn-away, especially with necessary procedures like tooth extractions. How can one overcome their fear of pain from a tooth extraction? 

Many doctors now offer IV sedation, a powerful way to help calm anxiety and dull pain receptors in the mouth. IV sedation can help those with the greatest dental anxiety get necessary teeth extractions done without any pain. Here is how you can have a painless tooth extraction in Flower Mound, Texas!

How IV Sedation Eases Anxiety and Limits Pain

IV sedation makes it so an individual is able to go into a state similar to sleep. The key difference is the IV fluid will also block pain receptors. This allows the doctor to get the procedure done without you not having to be conscious during the procedure.

Some advantages to using IV sedation are:

  • Pain-free procedure
  • Complete relaxation during treatment
  • Decreased dental anxiety
  • Easy return to consciousness once the procedure is completed
  • No gag reflex
  • The confidence to get your teeth extracted

We understand how difficult it is for patients to battle dental anxiety in order to have teeth extractions. That is why IV sedation is available, to help you get through your procedure with as little pain and anxiety as possible.

What Is IV Sedation Like?

IV sedation is a chemical agent that is administered through an IV. If you have never had an IV before, the liquid may feel cold when it initially starts running down your arm. Before you know it though, your consciousness begins to ease and you fall into a sleep-like state.

Throughout your teeth extraction, your vitals will be closely monitored to ensure there are no issues throughout the procedure. As our team has certified IV sedation experts, you will be under the solid care of a team that knows what they are doing.

Once the procedure is done, you will be reawaken by the fluid being stopped. You will likely be loopy once you regain consciousness which is we require you to have a ride to and from the tooth extraction procedure. Through this whole process though, you should not feel pain. You may have some soreness for a couple of days after the procedure but that is normal.

Getting Your Next Tooth Extraction!

When getting teeth extracted, knowing a doctor offers IV sedation is important to defeat those dental anxieties. That is why we at the Texas Center for Oral Surgery and Dental Implants offer IV sedation to all our patients. Whether it is for a teeth extraction or a bone grafting procedure, IV sedation is always an option to help those with dental anxieties.

Consider scheduling an appointment to meet with one of our expertly trained doctors. Call (972) 299-3480 to schedule your pain-free teeth extraction in Flower Mound, TX today!

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