Is It Safe to Drink Coffee after a Tooth Extraction?

After you get a tooth extracted, you must go through a brief recovery period. During that time, it will be necessary for you to adjust some of your daily habits. For example, you may need to get more rest than usual and stick to eating soft foods. But what about your morning cup of Joe? Is it safe to drink coffee after a tooth extraction? This blog post explains what you should know.

How Will Hot Coffee Affect Your Extraction Site?

Unfortunately, you should abstain from hot coffee in the days following your extraction. The reasons for this prohibition are as follows:

When Can You Resume Hot Coffee Consumption?

Dentists and oral surgeons have varying opinions about how soon you can resume the consumption of coffee and other hot beverages. To err on the side of caution, it would be smart to wait at least five days.

When you start drinking coffee again, go slow. Start with a small cup and see how it makes you feel. If you do not notice any irritation or other unpleasant symptoms, you can continue to increase your intake until you settle back into your regular routine.

What About Cold Coffee?

The most serious problem with coffee consumption is that its hot temperature could cause pain and irritation after a tooth extraction. But what about cold coffee drinks? The low temperature may feel soothing for your sore mouth. However, it would still be smart to wait a few days before you whip up a delicious cold brew.

The caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels and increases blood pressure, both of which could cause extra bleeding after your procedure. Plus, since you might not feel like eat much during the 24 – 48 hours after your appointment, the coffee’s acidic nature might irritate your stomach.

Coffee is a delicious and invigorating beverage. Under normal circumstances, it is perfectly okay to consume it in moderation. However, you will need to temporarily alter your java habit following your tooth extraction.

Meet the Practice

Dr. Tamir Anver is a skilled oral surgeon who is proud to serve the Dallas community. He regularly performs expert tooth extractions in our modern office. If you have questions about what to expect, and what you can eat and drink, after tooth removal, our team would be happy to speak with you. Contact Texas Center For Oral Surgery & Dental Implants at 972-960-1111.

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