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Sinus Bone Graft For Implants

Dental implants are the most successful and dependable form of tooth replacement, but if you have been missing teeth for a long time, your jaw bone structure may no longer be sufficient to support implants.

Your jaw bone is supported and stimulated by the presence of natural teeth.  When teeth are lost, the bone changes shape.  With no tooth root to stimulate the bone, it begins to recede and shrink.  If bone loss has advanced significantly, there will not be enough bone depth or width to support tooth replacement with dental implants.  In cases like this, a bone grafting procedure is required in order to build the bone structure up enough to successfully support implants.

Bone Grafting Procedure

Bone grafting is both an art and a science.  It is important to utilize bone grafting techniques which promote optimal growth of new bone cells.  Dr. Robert A. Weinstein of Texas Center For Oral Surgery and Dental Implants has had very good success in advanced bone grafting using the most up to date and modern grafting techniques.

Dr. Weinstein has found that while there are many bone grafting products available such as demineralized human bone, bovine bone and even synthetic hydroxylapetite, the most successful bone grafting procedures are those in which the patient’s own bone is used in the grafting procedure.  Nothing is accepted by the body as readily as a patient’s own bone.  The transfer of live bone cells into an environment with good blood supply is important to bone graft success.  In addition, elements taken from a patient’s blood and combined with growth factor medications help the grafted area to heal and begin producing new bone cells faster.

This technique is especially successful in more complex grafting procedures such as ridge widening grafts and sinus lift grafts.

For more information about advanced dental bone grafting techniques, and whether a bone grafting procedure can make it possible for you to restore missing teeth, contact the office of Dr. Robert A. Weinstein today.


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