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When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants are the name of the game! They’ve been helping patients restore their smiles for decades, and it’s estimated that over 5 million implants are placed in smiles each year. However, not all implants are created equally; some are made from cheaper materials, don’t fit correctly, and ultimately pose a threat to your oral wellness despite their intended purpose! Keep reading to learn about five reasons why you should never opt for cheap dental implants and instead rely on your trusted dentist to rebuild your smile.

1. Implant Breakage Is a Possibility

When it comes to dental implants, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better. If your implants are made from inadequate, weaker materials, they can easily break due to the pressure created when biting or chewing. If this happens, your jaw might not be capable of supporting a new abutment screw. Either way, you’ll end up having to pay for costly repairs!

2. High Chance of Nerve Damage

Research shows that patients who already suffer from nerve injury are likely to experience even more pain due to their implants if they opt for cheaper ones, as well as difficulty and pain when eating, talking, or simply moving their jaw. This can also necessitate expensive future treatment.

3. Proper Integration Might Not Occur

Osseointegration, or the fusion between implant and jawbone, must occur for dental implants to serve a patient well. This is why high-quality implants are made from biocompatible materials like titanium. In many cases, cheaper implants can’t properly integrate with the bone due to their insufficient materials. This means the risk of implant failure greatly rises, as does the risk of serious infection.

4. Oral Conditions Like Hyperplasia

Also known as inflammatory fibrous hyperplasia, this condition develops as a reaction to poorly fitting dental implants. Swelling and excess tissue around the expected area occurs; while typically painless, it’ll require surgical treatment.

5. Potential for Damaged Adjacent Teeth

Opting for cheaper implants can also jeopardize your remaining natural teeth! Your teeth are in danger if your cheap implants become damaged, and you’ll end up needing even more restorative work than originally intended, which will translate into a higher overall cost of care.

The bottom line is that you should trust your dentist to provide you with the best possible dental implants; they’re certain to set you up with a smile that’ll serve you well for several decades to come!

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