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X-ray of a woman who needs wisdom teeth extractions in Dallas. When wisdom teeth erupt, most people are only worried about the surgery required to remove them. This is perfectly normal. After all, it’s not every day you get a tooth removed. What most people don’t think about is the recovery process after the extraction. Once the effects of anesthesia wear off, it’s going to take a few days for everything in your mouth to feel comfortable again. To make the process more tolerable, follow these guidelines from an oral surgeon who has performed multiple wisdom teeth extractions in Dallas.

Proper Postoperative Care

It’s important to relax and avoid strenuous activity after your wisdom teeth have been removed because your mouth is still healing. Some things you can do to keep the area clean and reduce pain at home include:

Stick To A Safe Diet

After surgery, you need to be careful about what foods you eat. The last thing you want to do is dislodge the clots that have formed in place of your wisdom teeth. Some good rules to abide by are:

Maintain Your Oral Hygiene

A clean, healthy mouth is going to have an easier time recovering from surgery. Once any bleeding has slowed, you can brush your teeth very gently. Try not to rinse or swish your mouth vigorously in the week following your surgery. You can gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water after eating to keep your mouth clean and reduce any swelling.

When Will The Healing Process Be Completed?

Immediately after surgery, you’re going to notices spaces in your mouth where your wisdom teeth once were. Over time, your body will slowly fill them in with new tissue. On average, it takes about a week for patients to feel better and about a month for the spaces to fill completely.

The aftermath of a wisdom tooth extraction is rarely pleasant, but it is temporary. Soon enough, you’ll be back to your regular self without the added burden of wisdom teeth. Following these helpful tips will greatly reduce the discomfort you feel during the healing process.

About the Author

Dr. Cameron “Cam” Wendling is an oral surgeon based in Dallas, Texas. He went to dental school at West Virginia University and then completed a four-year residency at Christiana Care in Delaware. He believes in making the wisdom teeth extraction process painless. He provides a thorough examination prior to the procedure to protect patients from unexpected complications. If you’re considering having your wisdom teeth removed and would like more information about the procedure, you can reach him through his website or at 972-960-1111.

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