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dentures in a glassDoes this sound like you? You decided several years ago that a prosthetic denture was your solution for missing and damaged teeth. In the beginning, it all seemed to work pretty well. Sure, the denture needed some adjusting from time to time. Before you knew it, the denture was always loose, causing friction and sores on your gums. It hurt. You began using denture adhesives, but in time, you started taking the dentures out to eat. (What!?) These days, you only wear your denture when you are going out in public. Slowly, over the years, your diet became poor, you can’t enjoy a steak for dinner, in fact you avoid eating out in public due to your inability to chew food without embarrassment. You don’t laugh or smile as much as you used to, (what if the denture slips or falls out?!).

One thing has become very, very clear- A prosthetic denture does not work for you.

You Searched Google For “Dental Implants” And It Sounds Really Complicated

(And Really Expensive)

You’ve heard of dental implants for stable, permanent tooth replacement, and here you are, searching the internet for some way to make dental implants a reality for you. There are only 3 problems with just picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment with an implant dentist:

1. Dental Implant Cost

2. The time investment to completion

3. Your need for reliable information- NOT a sales pitch

What if I told you that a permanent solution to your loose dentures was possible, and that the 3 biggest roadblocks standing in your way are actually a lot smaller than you think?

Teeth In A Day- The All On Four Concept Made More Affordable


Full mouth replacement with only 4 dental implants

The idea is simple. Build a stable, fixed dental prosthesis on as few dental implants as possible. Make it function properly and look natural. With just four implants on top, and four implants on the bottom, you can replace a complete set of teeth and YES, you can do it in just one day.

Teeth in a day requires a personalized plan, a team approach and expertise in dental implantology. I will admit, it also takes a willing patient and a certain amount of money, but the money is far less than you expect, especially if you have received a free consultation and treatment plan at another prominent Dallas dental implant center.

Your All On Four dental implant team consists of dental specialists including Dr. Robert A. Weinstein (oral surgeon), a prosthodontist or restorative dentist of your choice, an experienced lab technician and YOU.

The most important member of the team is YOU.

Every patient is unique and there is no “one treatment fits all” approach when it comes to permanent tooth replacement. You will receive a personal consultation, taking your unique situation under consideration. If the All On Four solution is the best, most cost effective and functional solution for your individual case, it will be recommended to you along with a detailed plan for treatment including costs, important information and insurance or HSA contribution estimations. If the All On Four technique is not the best option for you, we will provide you with information about your best options.

How Does All On Four Dental Implant Treatment Work?


Complete upper restoration, courtesy Nobel Biocare

Your damaged natural teeth are removed and the dental implants are surgically placed in the jaw using a specialized technique that increases efficiency and strength. The next step is to take impressions and fabricate a provisional fixed prosthesis which upon completion is installed upon the implants. All of this takes place in the office, during one appointment, and you get to sleep peacefully through the whole thing. By the end of the appointment, you get to leave with a brand new smile.

The All On Four Concept was brought to market by Nobel Biocare, a leading dental implant manufacturer. Most dental implant systems have now made the technique available for use, and while we do use Nobel dental implants, we are also able to use the technique on a number of other high quality dental implant systems. This flexibility provides more options for you and for the members of your All On Four Team. Since only four dental implants are required per dental arch, there is less surgery and less cost involved than in a case of full dental replacement with 8 or more implants. In addition, having the advantage of installing a prosthetic restoration at the time of surgery enables more efficient use of your time.

What About The Cost of All On Four Dental Implants?

If you receive consultations and treatment plans from three different dental implant centers, you will no doubt be quoted three vastly different fees for the All On Four treatment. If you visit Dr. Robert A. Weinstein for one of those consultations, you will be pleased to learn that our fees for dental implants and the cost of the All On Four treatment is competitively lower.

Does a lower fee mean that there is something below standard about the quality of care, the implants themselves or the surgeon’s experience level? Absolutely not! The simple fact is, we believe in making dental implants more affordable to our patients. Compare your treatment plan from Dr. Weinstein with that of another Dallas implant center, and you will see a significant savings. Patients have the ability to choose the best option for treatment when their needed treatment is made




Dental Implant Experience Counts

With over 30 years’ experience in implant dentistry, Dr. Robert A. Weinstein has been involved in everything from dental implant research to evaluation of new dental implant systems for use in the United States. Dr. Weinstein has been personally trained by some of implant dentistry’s most prominent leaders. He continues his education frequently in order to remain current on the latest advances and trends in implant dentistry.

No One Size Fits All Dental Implant Treatment

You are a unique individual with a dental health situation which is different from anybody else. You deserve to be treated as the unique individual that you are. When you decide the time is right for you to receive a personal consultation and individual treatment plan based on your unique dental needs, give us a call. We are here when you are ready.


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