The Importance of Removing Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Model Of A Wisdom Tooth

People often delay getting their wisdom teeth extracted until problems develops. However, most of the main problems can be avoided if they’re extracted when a patient is still in their teens or early 20s. Many doctors offer wisdom tooth removal in Denton, TX, and if you still have yours, then you should schedule an appointment to remove them as soon as possible before significant, hard to repair, problems develop! 



Wisdom teeth often do not erupt out of your gumline properly. They become impacted into your neighboring teeth, damaging next door teeth, and in a way that’s hard to properly clean. Impacted teeth open the door to possible infections. Without prompt treatment, impactions can lead to tumors and cysts, which requires various intensive surgeries to correct.

Shifting of Teeth

To fit wisdom teeth into the jaw line, most people’s teeth will be shifted out of their normal positions to make room. Someone who had orthodontic corrections as children can have their teeth moved out of place, creating malocclusions. This is one of the common reasons why people need orthodontics as adults.

Chronic Inflammation

When bacteria develops in and around gum tissue, inflammations are quick to follow. This is a direct contributor to a person’s risk of having diabetes, vascular disease, and heart disease. Additionally, this is extremely dangerous for pregnant women because inflammations that enter the bloodstream can affect the developing fetus.

Jaw Damage

Impacted wisdom teeth often lead to cysts, and when a cyst forms around the jawbone, it frequently leads to harrowing complications. When a cyst forms around the jawbone, it requires surgery to remove. In addition to removing the cyst itself, a dental professional may also need to remove a portion of the jawbone to take out the cyst as well.


Get Prompt Treatment Today!

Our doctors, Dr. Aaron Vickers and Dr. Tamir Anver, assess the need for wisdom tooth removal in patients as young as 14 and 15 to determine when the best time would be for the procedure. Our doctors want to make sure everyone has access to good oral healthcare, so please contact our office in Denton, TX right away to schedule a consultation!

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