When Patients Need Dental Implants In Flower Mound, TX, They Should Go To An Oral Surgeon

a picture of a patient smiling over his bowl of food because he went to a skilled oral surgeon for his dental implant procedure.

For people who are looking to replace one or more damaged or missing teeth, then they should consider getting treated with dental implants. But who should patients turn to when they are looking to get treated with this advanced procedure? Patients should go see an oral surgeon when they want to get treated with healthy, beautiful, and functional dental implants in Flower Mound, TX.

A highly skilled and qualified office has expertly trained oral surgeons with specific training in placing dental implants, allowing them to give their patients the best tooth restoration procedure possible.


Why Should Patients See A Quality Oral Surgeon To Place Their Dental Implants?

There are several reasons why patients should see a quality oral surgeon when they go to get treated with dental implants in Flower Mound, TX. Here is why patients should see an oral surgeon to transform their smile with this life-improving procedure.

Oral Surgeons Have A Deep Understanding Of The Oral Cavity

With their full titles being oral and maxillofacial surgeons, these highly specialized doctors are trained to understand the entire structure of a person’s face and mouth in order to provide them with the best treatment. While general dentists play an important role in maintaining oral health, they do not undertake the extra education that oral surgeons do in order to garner a deeper understanding of the oral cavity so they can provide more sophisticated treatments.

Oral Surgeons Have More Training In Placing Dental Implants

Because oral surgeons specialize in surgery, they have the knowledge and expertise to precisely, efficiently, and safely place dental implants. In addition to this, many oral surgeons seek further education in surgically placing dental implants after their schooling is completed, in order to keep up with advances in dental implant surgeries. Combined with their other skills, oral surgeons are able to provide effective dental implant treatments.

Oral Surgeons Have In-House Digital Labs

When planning on how to accurately and precisely place dental implants at their advanced office, a cutting-edge oral surgeon will use an in-house digital lab in order to do so. With the ability to completely digitally landscape the patient’s oral cavity, an oral surgeon is able to plan a dental implant treatment that is customized just for them with extreme precision.

Additional Advantages Oral Surgeons Bring To Dental Implant Surgeries

Many oral surgeons are able to offer additional services during a dental implant treatment, as well. This includes sedation dentistry, which can be used to give patients an anxiety-free tooth restoration procedure. With their specialized training and state-of-the-art facility, an oral surgeon is able to give patients an entirely customizable and comfortable surgical experience.


Get Your Dental Implant Procedure With Our Oral Surgeon

If you are looking for a quality oral surgeon to treat you with dental implants, then you should look no further than or caring and experienced office. For those who want to learn more about what dental implants are and how they can help you, then you should come to our office for a consultation. We can work with you to give you an individualized surgical procedure so you can get the new smile of your dreams.

Don’t wait to transform your smile with us. Get in contact with Dr. Aaron Vickers and our exceptional team at our Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants office to schedule an appointment today! When you work with an oral surgeon for your dental implant surgery, you can get a long-lasting and confident new smile.

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