Why Is IV Sedation Good For Wisdom Tooth Removals In Frisco, TX?

Dental IV Sedation Bag

Struggling through the pain and anxiety of a wisdom tooth removal is horrible. When people get their wisdom teeth removed in Frisco, TX, they should use IV sedation during their procedure. Continue reading to learn more about why patients should consider using IV sedation for their wisdom tooth removal treatment. A skilled dental office provides the most comfortable environment for everyone.


What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is a form of sedation dentistry that puts patients in a relaxed state. This relaxed state is chemically induced and is similar to a general anesthetic except that it does not put patients to sleep. The relaxed state patients feel with IV sedation will still allow for a pain-free appointment and give patients amnesia about their wisdom tooth extraction treatment.

IV sedation is administered intravenously, meaning a needle is put into the patients arm. The patient is monitored throughout the procedure to guarantee no issues occur while they are under IV sedation. Patients will need to be driven to and from their appointment when IV sedation is administered to them for their wisdom tooth removal procedure in Frisco, TX.

How Does IV Sedation Helps With Wisdom Tooth Removals?

IV sedation will make the wisdom tooth extraction treatment pain and anxiety free. Through the use of this sedation option, patients will be relaxed throughout the procedure. Because of this relaxed state, patients will not feel the pain of the procedure nor will they remember going through the procedure. This is a great way for those with dental anxiety to get through this necessary procedure without issues.

Many wisdom tooth extractions today are done with some form of sedation dentistry. What IV sedation does to stand out is not put patients fully to sleep like a general anesthetic, while still providing all the benefits that a general anesthetic offers. Trained and certified oral surgeons can safely and effectively provide patients with a cutting edge wisdom tooth removal treatment through IV sedation.


Have An Anxiety-Free Wisdom Tooth Removal In Frisco, TX

If you are worried about your wisdom tooth removal procedure, let us ease those worries with IV sedation. Our board-certified oral surgeons are all trained in administering IV sedation. What this means is they are experts in their field in providing wisdom tooth removals and can also ease you through any procedure easily with IV sedation.

If you are struggling to come to terms with your dental anxiety, consider using IV sedation in your appointment. Get in contact with Dr. Aaron Vickers, Dr. Tamir D. Anver, and Dr. Li Hsing Loh at our Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants office in Frisco, TX to schedule an appointment today!

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