Is Going To An Oral Surgeon For Full Mouth Dental Implants In Flower Mound, TX Worth It?

a dental patient smiling with full mouth dental implants.

When people have a full arch of missing teeth, they will want to get them reliably and predictably replaced. Luckily, a skilled oral surgeon uses the latest techniques and technologies to expertly replace a full arch of teeth with full mouth dental implants in Flower Mound, TX.


There are numerous reasons why people should go to an oral surgeon for their full mouth dental implant procedure. Continue reading to learn in more detail why a quality oral surgeon should place full mouth dental implants.

Why You Should Go To An Oral Surgeon For Full Mouth Dental Implants In Flower Mound, TX

People should go to an oral surgeon to replace their full arch of missing teeth with full mouth dental implants for numerous reasons. Specifically, an oral surgeon will have advanced facilities, technologies, and techniques to give patients predictable and lasting new smiles with full mouth dental implants. The following are more detailed explanations of why an oral surgeon should treat patients with full mouth dental implants:

Advanced Facilities

A state-of-the-art oral surgeon has a fully digital in-house lab where they can create customized restorations for full mouth dental implants. With the in-house lab, patients get a streamlined full mouth dental implant procedure process. The prosthesis for full mouth dental implants is made in the in-house lab, giving patients a precise new smile that fits perfectly and blends in seamlessly with their natural teeth.

Advanced Technologies

One notable advantage of choosing an oral surgeon to place full mouth dental implants, is that they are fully equipped with advanced dental technology. An advanced dental technology that the oral surgeon can use to give patients accurate full mouth dental implant procedures, is the XNAV (X-Guide™ Navigation). XNAV enables the oral surgeon to perform precise and guided full mouth dental implant placements.

Specifically, XNAV technology utilizes 3D imaging and computer-assisted navigations to map the patient’s jaw, allowing for optimal implant positioning with the utmost accuracy.

Comfort Is A Priority

Seeking the expertise of an oral surgeon for full mouth dental implant placements is a decision that holds significant value and numerous comforts to patients. Oral surgeons are highly trained specialists with a deep understanding of oral and maxillofacial anatomy, making them uniquely qualified to handle complex full mouth dental implant procedures.

The oral surgeon also has a deep understanding of sedation dentistry. Specifically, the oral surgeon will use IV sedation to give patients a comfortable and anxiety-free full mouth dental implant procedure experience. IV sedation induces the patient into a state of deep relaxation and can give patients partial or complete amnesia of their procedure experience. With IV sedation, patients will have a stress-free and pleasant experience throughout their treatment.


See Us Now So You Can Get Treated With Full Mouth Dental Implants

When you come to our caring and knowledgeable office, our highly qualified oral surgeon can expertly treat you with full mouth dental implants. With accurately placed full mouth dental implants, patients will be able to maintain a normal diet, speak comfortably, and smile with confidence.x

Why wait to improve your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Aaron Vickers, Dr. Tamir D. Anver, Dr. Li Hsing Loh, and our exceptional team at our Texas Center for Oral Surgery & Dental Implants office to schedule an appointment today!

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