Who Can Place My Full Mouth Dental Implants In Flower Mound, TX?

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When people have a full arch of missing teeth, they will want to replace those teeth with restorative full mouth dental implants. With full mouth dental implants, patients will be able to resume their normal diet, speak more clearly, and have the confidence to share their smile. By going to a skilled and trusted oral surgeon’s office, people will be able to have their full mouth dental implants in Flower Mound, TX expertly placed.

Interested in learning more about how an oral surgeon can place full mouth dental implants? Continue reading to learn more about how an oral surgeon can place full mouth dental implants.

Why Can An Oral Surgeon Place My Full Mouth Dental Implants In Flower Mound, TX?

An oral surgeon is a specialized dental professional with advanced training and expertise in surgical procedures involving the mouth, jaw, face, and neck. A high-quality oral surgeon is skilled in a wide range of treatments, including tooth extractions, dental implant placements, corrective jaw surgery, and treating oral diseases and disorders.

When it comes to treating patients with full mouth dental implants, the expertise and precision of an oral surgeon to do so plays a pivotal role in the success of the procedure. From start to finish, a skilled and trusted oral surgeon guides the patient through a meticulously planned digital workflow that not only streamlines the full mouth dental implant procedure process, but also ensures it is performed with the highest level of customization and precision possible.

How Exactly Does An Oral Surgeon Place Full Mouth Dental Implants?

The oral surgeon begins the full mouth dental implant procedure process with a comprehensive consultation and examination. During this phase, advanced digital imaging tools, such as Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans, are employed to create detailed 3D representations of the patient’s oral anatomy.

These scans give the oral surgeon invaluable insights into the patient’s specific jawbone structure, tooth alignment, and other crucial factors that influence how they angle and place the full mouth dental implants. With this digital map in hand, the oral surgeon can meticulously plan the precise placement of full mouth dental implants.

Cutting-edge software allows for virtual surgery simulations, enabling the oral surgeon to determine the optimal full mouth dental implant locations for both dental stability and enhanced smile aesthetics when the final prosthesis is placed.

The oral surgeon then uses 3D printing technology to create a temporary prosthesis with incredible precision and speed on the same day as the patient’s surgery. The temporary prosthesis is custom designed based on the patient’s specific anatomy and preoperative virtual planning.

As the surgical phase begins, the oral surgeon follows the meticulously planned full mouth dental implant placement process. With the aid of surgical guides created from the digital workflow, the oral surgeon can confidently and accurately position each dental implant into the predetermined locations in the patient’s jawbone.

This level of precision minimizes surgical time, reduces trauma to the surrounding oral tissues, and enhances the overall success of the procedure. Once the dental implants are securely placed, the temporary prosthesis can be securely placed on them.

Throughout the post-surgery period, the custom 3D-printed prosthesis remains in place, allowing the patient to transition seamlessly into their normal daily routine. With the temporary prosthesis, the patient gets a new smile in one day until it is time for the final prosthesis to replace it.

The color, shape, and size of the final prosthesis is custom designed to give patients the exact new smile of their dreams. By going to a dedicated oral surgeons office, full mouth dental implants can be precisely placed.


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