Will There Be Factors That Go Into The Cost Of Dental Implants In Frisco, TX?

a dental implant patient smiling as he eats his food with his family because he knows all the factors that will go into the final cost of his dental implant procedure.

While the cost of dental implants is high, because they give patients restored dental functionality and aesthetics, they are considered to be a cost-effective tooth replacement option. Sense no two people have the same exact smile, there are also different treatment factors that will determine the final cost of each patient’s dental implant procedure. Continue reading to learn more about the factors that go into the cost of tooth implants in Frisco, TX.


Which Factors Impact The Cost Of Tooth Implants In Frisco, TX?

While the upfront cost of tooth implants may be higher compared to other tooth replacement options, like traditional dentures or bridges, their durability and longevity make them a worthwhile investment. Dental implants are designed to be a long-term tooth replacement solution, potentially lasting a lifetime with proper care.

Unlike other tooth replacement options that may require patients to get them frequently repaired or replaced, tooth implants give patients a more permanent and stable tooth replacement solution, reducing the amount of additional expenses they will make to maintain them over time. The following are the factors that go into determining the cost of peoples tooth implants:

Total Amount Of Dental Implants

The total cost of dental implants is determined by the number of tooth implants that are necessary for every patient’s specific smile and dental implant procedure. The dental implant options patients can get treated with are single dental implants, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants.

Cost Of Materials Used

The type of material used for people’s tooth implants determine how much they will cost. Titanium dental implants, which are typically used in tooth implant procedures, tend to be more cost-effective compared to other materials. But they are not as appealing as other materials, such as the more costly Zirconia.

Additional Procedures

Depending on each patient’s specific situation, additional procedures like bone grafting and tooth extractions may be necessary to prepare their smile for their tooth implant procedure. While additional procedures can add to the overall cost of the patient’s dental implant procedure, they are necessary to ensure the successful placement of dental implants.

Sedation Dentistry

For many, sedation dentistry is a necessary part of the tooth implant procedure experience. With sedation dentistry, patients can have an anxiety-free and comfortable tooth implant procedure experience. The type and amount of sedation dentistry used will affect the cost of the patients tooth implant procedure.

Type Of Implant Restoration

The type of restoration placed on the toot implant, such as a tooth crown, bridge, or denture, will affect the cost of the patient’s dental implant procedure. Prosthetic options used will depend on the type of dental implant the patient is getting treated with.

An Experienced Oral Surgeon

The experience and expertise of the oral surgeon performing the tooth implant procedure can influence tooth implant costs. This is because oral surgeons have advanced training and specialized skill that allows them to give patients reliable and predictable tooth implant treatments.


See Us Now So We Can Determine The Cost Of Your Tooth Implant Procedure?

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